Dallas Fort Worth Video Production Tips And Examples

If you make decisions in the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas area regarding video production, then Ethos Media has several helpful videos showing examples depending on what your desired outcome is.  Here are a few helpful examples.

Live Streaming Video Tips

In this video, Devin from Ethos gives some helpful tips - including five things that event planners can do for any live stream (or "hybrid") event in order to increase the odds that both live attendees as well as live stream viewers have an enjoyable experience.  

Instructional Video Example

In this video, you will see an example of an instructional video that is provided to customers regarding care of furniture in their homes.

Explainer Video Example

Explainer videos are interesting in terms of a business' desired audience.  It can be used to a pre-defined audience such as attendees at an event or in a welcome email message after one joins the business' mailing list.  It is possible, however, to use these videos as social media advertising when a longer-duration video explains the solution to a problem for a "cold audience".  The audience, however, must be targeted properly and they must not already know that the solution to their problem exists - thus warranting the "explainer" video versus something shorter in duration.

Here is a video from a dentist offering a solution which most parents don't know is an option for their children in a specific medical situation.

Demo Reel Production Example

With the intense pressure due to competition for entertainment opportunities, quite often a demo reel's quality can help make the difference for an entertainer aspiring to get larger opportunities.  Here is an example of a demo reeel produced by Ethos Media.

Live Press Conference Video Production

A live press conference can be a "make or break" action step for a business' legal, financial, and public relations future.  Press conferences have been referenced countless times in mainstream media and industry publications for announcements pertaining to politics, financial markets, sports, court cases and other high-stakes situations.  Here is one such video of a live streamed press conference:

The above videos are just some of the kinds of videos which Ethos Media has generated for its clients in recent years.  For more information you are welcome to learn more about the company at any of the following links:

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